iCamp 2024

July 8-12
July 14-27

8th & Market, WCU Philly
WCU Main Campus

WCU Main Campus

iCamp Media Academy

July 21-27

iCamp for Credit

iCamp 2024 FAQs

Life on Campus FAQs

Where will I sleep?
Will I have a roommate?
What should I bring to my dorm room?
Are there rules/what happens if I don’t do well in the dorm?
How will I get my nourishment?
What happens when I’m not in class?
What happens on the weekend?

Where will I sleep at iCamp?

During iCamp for Credit and iCamp Media Academy, students will live in WCU dorms on WCU’s Main Campus. iCamp uses WCU’s USH housing, which is 4 dorms located at the center of the residential quad, just steps from the dining hall. Most summers we dorm in Commonwealth Hall or University Hall.  These buildings offer “suite-style” accommodation, with shared private bedrooms (usually 2) sharing a private bathroom. The dorms are set up for ordinary college life, with beds, dressers, wardrobes, and desks. The buildings have shared social space with TVs, video game consoles, laundry, and a small fitness center. 

What should I bring to campus?

We supply linens for the XL Twin dorm beds, but students usually bring their own pillows and blankets. Chargers and electronic stuff. Clothes for a week or two. Laundry soap. Snacks. Stuffed animals. NOT anything that gets hot/has a flame. Here’s the dorm’s list of do’s and don’ts.

Are there rules? What happens if I can’t follow them?

We want you to have a great time at iCamp, and for everyone to have a great time you have to follow the rules. There are a TON of dorm rules that all WCU students have to follow. If you don’t follow the rules, we’ll let you know.  The dorms are a shared living experience. It can be tricky for some to learn how to balance their preferences and needs against the needs and preferences of the community. We’ll help you make that balance, gently at first but firmly. And if you continue to not follow the rules, we’ll have to remove you from the dorm.

How will I get my nourishment at iCamp?

Students will eat all of their meals at the student cafeteria, just like WCU’s student body. The cafeteria has several options at each meal time, with vegetarian/vegan and traditional cooking. Students with unique dietary needs should share them with us so we can help you succeed at iCamp.  

There are three meals a day during the week, with only two meals each day on the weekend. Each meal is all you care to eat, with students free to try out multiple options. Warning: college cafeterias close rather early in the evening, with mealtimes ending by 7pm. 

What happens when I’m not in class at iCamp?

iCamp is challenging because work starts early and ends late–  we go to breakfast by 7am and often work into the evening. But there’s lots of time when students aren’t in class. Throughout the residential experience, students will have opportunities to enjoy the life of a college student on campus. The student rec center, the library, the media labs– it’s all available to you. There are several lush green spaces throughout campus, and the quaint cute college town is just steps away. 

We hire WCU undergrads to serve as counselors. They know the campus and they’ll help you use your time well. Because iCamp students are minors, we require an adult to accompany iCamp students anywhere on campus outside the dorms. 

What happens on the weekend?

We don’t know! Seriously– this is our first year offering iCamp for Credit, which means it’s our first year having students in residence for more than a week. Class is Monday to Friday, but there’s no class on the weekend. The “bridge” weekend (Friday July 19-Sun July 21) we’ve got two plans available: (a) students can take advantage of the unstructured time to relax, explore campus and the town, and work independently or (b) students can return home to families and some good home cooking. We’re excited to see how you choose to spend the weekend!  

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Questions? Consult our FAQs and/or shoot an email to our Interim Directors, Drs. McCool and Cream.

Media Tracks

Video production

Shoot and edit a film that
will make an impact



Record and Edit audio to produce
amazing podcasts

audio production

Digital Journalism

Tell your story and document the truth of your experience

web development

Game development

Make a video game that's fun
and makes a player think

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iCAMP Details

Cost: Free. Gratis. Zilch. $0.00

Through the generous support of WCU’s Provost and College of Arts and Humanities, iCamp 2024 is free for all students.

Location: West Chester University 

The residential program for iCamp for Credit and iCamp Media Academy occurs at WCU’s beautiful main campus in West Chester. The first week of class for iCamp for credit occurs at WCU Philly, in center city at 8th and Market.

Dates: July 8 – July 27

iCamp for Credit: July 8-27

  • WCU Philly July 8-12
  • WCU main campus July 14-27

iCamp Media Academy: July 21-27

  • WCU main campus 

Application Deadline: April 30, 2024

Questions? Contact Interim Directors Dr. Jeremy McCool and Dr. Randall Cream while iCamp Director Dr. Cooke is on a much-deserved sabbatical.