iCamp 2024

July 8-12
July 14-27

8th & Market, WCU Philly
WCU Main Campus

WCU Main Campus

iCamp Media Academy

July 21-27

iCamp for Credit

iCamp 2024 FAQs

iCamp for Credit FAQs

What is iCamp for Credit?
Who is Eligible for iCamp for Credit?
What is the cost of iCamp for Credit?
How will iCamp for Credit benefit me for college?
How much work is iCamp for Credit?
What if I don’t do well in class at iCamp for Credit?
What happens the first week of iCamp for Credit? And then?

What is iCamp for Credit?

We’re expanding! iCamp for Credit is a chance for 12th grade students to receive college credit in a three-week college course, Digital Storytelling. The third week of the course coincides with iCamp Media Academy; students from both groups will spend a week making media to engage with issues that reflect their passions. Before the hands-on week of iCamp, students will spend two additional weeks completing college-level work and receiving credit towards graduation. iCamp for Credit is a great way to show you’re ready to tackle college and can succeed in an environment that values you and your perspective.  See more about iCamp for Credit.

Who is eligible for iCamp for Credit?

All participants in iCamp must be students in the School District of Philadelphia or Chester/Upland SD. iCamp for Credit adds additional criteria to ensure students can succeed in a college course that is rigorous and challenging. All participants must meet minimum academic criteria (2.5 GPA; evidence of college-readiness in attendance and behavior; college-ready work sample). 

Students will begin their college transcript at iCamp, with grades reported out to every college and grad school they attend. We want to help prepare you to begin that journey, and part of that will be an assessment of your transcript and work sample that ensures you won’t be in over your head. Students who struggle in high school will be hard pressed to undertake 5 months of college work in a three-week condensed format at iCamp. 

What is the cost of iCamp for Credit?

Through the generosity of our sponsors, contributors, and WCU leadership, iCamp 2024 is available at no cost to participants. The 3-week college course, iCamp for Credit, and its two-week residential experience are free to all participants who meet the eligibility requirements. Students who are selected will receive instruction, supplies, room and board free of charge, with three college credits awarded to students based on their performance in the class.

How will iCamp for Credit benefit me for college?

Students can use iCamp for Credit to accelerate their degree (one fewer class to complete!) and make college graduation that much closer.  Working in our supportive, encouraging environment can also help students demonstrate their ability and readiness for the intense work and time management required of college. See yourself in a college environment and show what you can do!

Our course, DHM260 Digital Storytelling, is an approved general education course at West Chester University and will transfer to virtually any college in the world. At West Chester University, work in iCamp for Credit will accelerate degree completion by providing Humanities credit that is required for graduation. 

How much work is iCamp for Credit?

It’s a 100% real college course, so yeah. A lot. In the three weeks of iCamp for Credit, students will do all of the work that ordinarily takes college students an entire semester. College courses are organized by time spent in class with an instructor, and iCamp for Credit meets all of the requirements for a 3-credit course. Students and families should plan for an exciting and rigorous learning experience, with reading and work expected each evening in between class sessions. There are three main student projects in the course: at the end of the first week, at the end of the second week, and after the end of iCamp. Students will be asked to read, think, discuss, and write about digital media as storytelling. 

What if I don’t do well in my work for iCamp for Credit?

We’ve designed an exciting, supportive, but rigorous learning experience in this three-week course. We’ll do our best to help you learn, but it’s possible you won’t. It’s possible you will be too distracted, too overwhelmed, or otherwise unable to do the work of the course.  So what happens then?  

We’ve designed the course as much as possible to allow students a chance to get feedback and recalibrate their work to avoid doing poorly. We’ll provide students with lots of feedback, daily, in order to help students reach their potential. But if a student is unable to do the work of the course, we’ll help that student recognize that and plan for a course withdrawal– avoiding a bad grade on a permanent transcript. If this happens, we’ll consult with the student and family as needed to arrange a withdrawal.  

What happens the first week of iCamp for Credit?

iCamp for credit combines one week of daytime class with a two-week residential experience. The first week is not residential; class is from 10-1 at WCU Philly in center city at 8th and Market. Students will commute there for class (MFL/Broad Ridge Spur/47 Bus) M-F July 8-12. We’ll provide daily classes– discussions and lectures– and homework, with the first major project submitted in this week. 

After Friday’s class, students will have a good idea of their grade and performance in the course before we move to the residential experience on WCU’s Main Campus in West Chester. Families move their students onto campus Sunday afternoon July 14, with two weeks of action-packed fun, work, learning, and adventure. iCamp Media Academy students will join the group on Sunday, July 21, with a final Launch Party on Saturday July 27. 

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Questions? Consult our FAQs and/or shoot an email to our Interim Directors, Drs. McCool and Cream.

Media Tracks

Video production

Shoot and edit a film that
will make an impact



Record and Edit audio to produce
amazing podcasts

audio production

Digital Journalism

Tell your story and document the truth of your experience

web development

Game development

Make a video game that's fun
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iCAMP Details

Cost: Free. Gratis. Zilch. $0.00

Through the generous support of WCU’s Provost and College of Arts and Humanities, iCamp 2024 is free for all students.

Location: West Chester University 

The residential program for iCamp for Credit and iCamp Media Academy occurs at WCU’s beautiful main campus in West Chester. The first week of class for iCamp for credit occurs at WCU Philly, in center city at 8th and Market.

Dates: July 8 – July 27

iCamp for Credit: July 8-27

  • WCU Philly July 8-12
  • WCU main campus July 14-27

iCamp Media Academy: July 21-27

  • WCU main campus 

Application Deadline: April 15, 2024

Questions? Contact Interim Directors Dr. Jeremy McCool and Dr. Randall Cream while iCamp Director Dr. Cooke is on a much-deserved sabbatical.