iCamp 2024

July 8-12
July 14-27

8th & Market, WCU Philly
WCU Main Campus

WCU Main Campus

iCamp Media Academy

July 21-27

iCamp for Credit

iCamp Values

What are the Values of iCamp?

iCamp believes in the creative power of youth and the political power of media. We value Philadelphia as a diverse urban center, with all of its wonderful beauty, its legacy of success in the face of stunning economic and racial inequities. We want to help students center their voice, their vision, and their work around issues that affect them in their community. 

We are proudly race-conscious; we recognize the weight of individual prejudice and the heritage of systemic oppression that allows too few to reach their full potential. The amazing diversity of Philadelphia is a great source of its strength and its promise for tomorrow, and we want to help Philly’s youth deliver on that promise. All members of our project, Staff and Students, commit to the values and ethos of iCamp, including its social justice mission and endeavor to be anti-racist, gender-inclusive, and student-affirming.  

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Questions? Consult our FAQs and/or shoot an email to our Interim Directors, Drs. McCool and Cream.

Media Tracks

Video production

Shoot and edit a film that
will make an impact



Record and Edit audio to produce
amazing podcasts

audio production

Digital Journalism

Tell your story and document the truth of your experience

web development

Game development

Make a video game that's fun
and makes a player think

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iCAMP Details

Cost: Free. Gratis. Zilch. $0.00

Through the generous support of WCU’s Provost and College of Arts and Humanities, iCamp 2024 is free for all students.

Location: West Chester University 

The residential program for iCamp for Credit and iCamp Media Academy occurs at WCU’s beautiful main campus in West Chester. The first week of class for iCamp for credit occurs at WCU Philly, in center city at 8th and Market.

Dates: July 8 – July 27

iCamp for Credit: July 8-27

  • WCU Philly July 8-12
  • WCU main campus July 14-27

iCamp Media Academy: July 21-27

  • WCU main campus 

Application Deadline: extended to May 15, 2024

(early applicants will receive priority notifications on a rolling basis)

Questions? Contact Interim Directors Dr. Jeremy McCool and Dr. Randall Cream while iCamp Director Dr. Cooke is on a much-deserved sabbatical.