iCamp for Credit

iCamp for Credit

July 8-12

July 14-27

8th & Market, WCU Philly

WCU Main Campus

iCamp for Credit

July 8-12 10-1pm at WCU Philly, 8th & Market
July 14-27 Residential at WCU Main Campus

Deadline extended to May 15!

In our 8th year, for Summer 2024 iCamp offers two programs for students attending the School District of Philadelphia: a week-long residential media academy, and iCamp for Credit: a three-week college course for 12th grade students.

iCamp for Credit is Big News: A three week college course that offers students a chance to demonstrate college readiness and earn credits toward graduation. One week is non-residential, with students in class from 10am to 1pm at WCU’s Philly campus at 8th & Market. Students then move onto WCU’s Main Campus for a two-week residential experience, with the final week coinciding with iCamp media academy. 

Students will enroll in a formal college course offering general education credit at WCU and transferability to most universities around the world. Digital Storytelling (DHM260) is a 3-credit course that surveys recent trends and theories in digital media, with students gaining experience in critical media literacy. The first week of the course is offered from 10am to 1pm at WCU’s Philly campus at 8th and Market, with all the trappings of a traditional college course: discussion and lecture, with daily out-of-class reading and writing assignments. This intensive academic experience will help students adapt to the rigors of college and show their true potential, building and demonstrating college readiness.  

After 5 sessions in class at 8th and Market, students move onto WCU’s campus in beautiful West Chester. Students will move into the dorms on Sunday afternoon 7/14, with the Digital Storytelling class continuing all week. Each day will have dedicated class times (3 hours/day) and lots of time for exploring campus and making friends, with hands-on work in WCU’s labs and studios. 

The final week of iCamp for Credit sees students joined at WCU by iCamp’s non-credit participants. Students will divide into groups to learn advanced techniques and build their own media projects. From 7/21 through 7/27, iCamp for Credit is 100% aligned with iCamp activities, and the two groups of students take part in the same activities. At the end of the week, both groups will host their families and community members for a Saturday afternoon Launch Party, showcasing their projects. 

iCamp for Credit students will do everything that iCamp students do that final week, and they’ll be responsible for other work. Instead of a final exam for the course, students will compose a reflection piece that expresses their learning and contextualizes the experience in iCamp against the content of the course in digital literacy. At the end, iCamp for Credit students will receive a formal grade and 3 credits on their college transcript, a course that fulfills general education requirements at WCU and can transfer to most colleges and universities in PA and beyond.

Because students receive formal credit and a grade for iCamp for Credit, the application process has an academic component: students must submit a letter of support from an academic advisor, teacher, or administrator. All applicants must include a complete transcript and GPA. Applicants whose record indicate a lack of preparation for a college intensive experience will be steered toward iCamp, while students who can benefit from and succeed in a college course should apply for iCamp for Credit.

Questions? Consult our FAQs and/or shoot an email to our Interim Directors, Drs. McCool and Cream.


Media Tracks

Video production

Shoot and edit a film that
will make an impact



Record and Edit audio to produce
amazing podcasts

audio production

Digital Journalism

Tell your story and document the truth of your experience

web development

Game development

Make a video game that's fun
and makes a player think

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iCAMP Details

Cost: Free. Gratis. Zilch. $0.00

Through the generous support of WCU’s Provost and College of Arts and Humanities, iCamp 2024 is free for all students.

Location: West Chester University 

The residential program for iCamp for Credit and iCamp Media Academy occurs at WCU’s beautiful main campus in West Chester. The first week of class for iCamp for credit occurs at WCU Philly, in center city at 8th and Market.

Dates: July 8 – July 27

iCamp for Credit: July 8-27

  • WCU Philly July 8-12
  • WCU main campus July 14-27

iCamp Media Academy: July 21-27

  • WCU main campus 

Application Deadline: extended to May 15, 2024

(early applicants will receive priority notifications on a rolling basis)

Questions? Contact Interim Directors Dr. Jeremy McCool and Dr. Randall Cream while iCamp Director Dr. Cooke is on a much-deserved sabbatical.