iCamp Media Academy

iCamp Media Academy

July 21-27 at WCU

iCamp Media Academy

July 21-27 Residential at WCU Main Campus

For Summer 2024 iCamp offers two programs for students attending the School District of Philadelphia: iCamp for College Credit and iCamp, a one week residential media academy at WCU.  

Now in our 8th year, iCamp at WCU is a social-justice oriented media camp for students from the School District of Philadelphia. Our team of WCU Professors, Media Experts, and Philly-based social justice activists brings technical expertise and a race-conscious orientation to help Philly youth build and develop media projects that express their voices and perspectives.

Students spend a week with us in residence at WCU’s beautiful suburban campus. Live in the dorms, eat at the student cafeteria, relax in the library and the student rec center. Your days will be full of activities, from early morning til late at night. Dedicated classes with hands-on training help students quickly build proficiency in media making. You’ll pitch your ideas and get feedback from other students and our team of experts. By the end of the week, you’ll show your project in a Launch Party for your friends, family, and community members. 

Students move into the dorms on Sunday afternoon 7/21, with work beginning Sunday evening. Each day will have dedicated training classes (~4 hours/day) and time to explore campus and make friends. Evenings will be in the dorms, playing games, listening to music, talking, and working on projects. The week goes by in a hurry, but the memory lasts a lifetime.

Questions? Consult our FAQs and/or shoot an email to our Interim Directors, Drs. McCool and Cream.


Media Tracks

Video production

Shoot and edit a film that
will make an impact



Record and Edit audio to produce
amazing podcasts

audio production

Digital Journalism

Tell your story and document the truth of your experience

web development

Game development

Make a video game that's fun
and makes a player think

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iCAMP Details

Cost: Free. Gratis. Zilch. $0.00

Through the generous support of WCU’s Provost and College of Arts and Humanities, iCamp 2024 is free for all students.

Location: West Chester University 

The residential program for iCamp for Credit and iCamp Media Academy occurs at WCU’s beautiful main campus in West Chester. The first week of class for iCamp for credit occurs at WCU Philly, in center city at 8th and Market.

Dates: July 8 – July 27

iCamp for Credit: July 8-27

  • WCU Philly July 8-12
  • WCU main campus July 14-27

iCamp Media Academy: July 21-27

  • WCU main campus 

Application Deadline: April 15, 2024

Questions? Contact Interim Directors Dr. Jeremy McCool and Dr. Randall Cream while iCamp Director Dr. Cooke is on a much-deserved sabbatical.