iCamp Virtual Programs

iCamp 2020 Summer Academy is cancelled this year, but your voice must still be heard. This summer, we have launched  iCamp Virtual—digital programs that are centered on you and our Philly community. Our staff and producers are here to work alongside you in addressing social justice issues that never take a break (even during this pandemic!) and continue to pervade our communities. Please join us and let your voice be heard.

Programs that you can directly participate in today!

iCamp 2020 DIY Challenge

In this time of unrest and uncertainty, what hope are you finding in your daily and social lives? What are you doing to make a change for the better with yourself and your community? Produce a short 1-3 minute video as a response to these questions. Submit your video by July 1st @11:59PM to win an iCamp DIY award and prize! 3 winners will be selected and announced July 8th!

Click for DIY Contest information and Submit your Video.


iCamp Activist Press

Write for “The Youth Activist Press” and let your voice be heard through this digital publication. This journal will include writings from today’s Youth discussing today’s current events, such as police brutality, classism, politics, the education/justice system, etc in the eye’s and experiences of today’s generation. Sign up for the first Zoom information session with the journal’s Editor-in-chief, Najah Hendricks, this Tuesday June 16th @12PM.

Click for more information about Youth Activist Press and sign-up to contribute.


Other digital projects to look out for!

iCamp-WCU Spotlight Series Want to know what our past iCamp graduates are up to? In this weekly spotlight series, we will catch up with iCamp Alumni that are currently matriculated at WCU.

iCamp Grassroots Media Docu-series These short videos will highlight and celebrate local Philly digital activists. This series demonstrates our values and affinities of like-minded/doing folks.