Activity 1: Campus Scavenger Hunt

Directions: Take a picture in front of each structure. You will have a WCU grad to help and a map. Have fun, explore the campus in your groups and we will meet back at the commons for dinner! 

Campus Map: https://www.wcupa.edu/campusmap/

  1. Sykes is the “Hub of the Campus”- get all your intel of campus life from this building. They have a theater, book store and food court!
  2. He gave one of his last speeches on this very campus! He stands tall and proud in front of the “whispering tunnel”. Can you find him?
  3. If you found who we’re talking about then you have arrived at what looks like a castle. Whisper in the arch but someone needs to hear you!
  4. You deserve a break, we don’t have access to the pool, buuuuttt there is a splash when you see West Chester University!
  5. Our mascot is the golden ram! Can you find Rammy?
  6. The next building hosts the basketball games! Can you find the fieldhouse?
  7. 9-1-1 !! It’s an emergency!! Can you help me find Public Safety?
  8. It’s time to work out. Have you heard about the Recreation Center?